Vaish Krishnamurthy
About the Author

Vaish is a mentor, a leader, an engineer, a visionary, and a mother. Her story is exceptional and inspiring.


At the young age of 16, Vaish started her B.S. in Electronics and Telecommunication, and at the age of 20, she pursued her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. Vaish possess a rare combination of strong technical skills and business savvy. She has amassed over 10 years of software and product development in a variety of industries through technical roles at Microsoft, University of Washington, Vonage, and Precision Therapeutics. Vaish founded CleanRobotics, a robotics start-up which has developed and launched the first smart trashcan to intelligently sort recyclables from waste.


In her webinar, “Women in CS: Thriving and Staying Motivated,” Vaish demonstrates a strong and essential case for more women to pursue a career in computer science. Computer science is the only STEM field in which the number of women receiving undergraduate degrees has decreased since 2002. Women currently earn 18% of computer-science undergraduate degrees, demonstrating a tremendous decline from 1985, when women earned 37% of computer-science undergraduate degrees.


Although targeted for women in CS, Vaish’s webinar imparts valuable tips and anecdotes that are truly applicable to all women in engineering. She humbly and candidly shares her unique journey by describing lessons learned, influential memories and decisions, professional successes and challenges, and current aspirations.


Vaish is truly passionate to help develop more women in engineering through meaningful mentorship and encouragement. We at bootup are excited to share her message to our audience.