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“bootup helped me land an internship my freshman year at a local startup that’s been featured in Forbes and the Huffington Post. I had almost no relevant experience, but thanks to bootup’s bootcamp, I was able to craft a good resume that emphasized my potential, and make a LinkedIn profile that stood out.

Finally, bootcamp gave me tips on interviewing, and I think I really impressed my interviewer (the founder!) with how professional I was. Ultimately, the founder agreed to take me on as a technical intern despite my lack of experience because she thought I had a lot of potential to learn and grow as a person and a programmer within her startup.

So thank you bootup bootcamp! I definitely plan on utilizing the four-year plan to land a paid summer internship during my undergraduate years.”

Amy Zhao

UCLA Computer Science Engineering Student | Intern at BellaNove

“bootup helped me land my first internship. I am a fourth-year chemical engineering major at UCLA, and I was introduced to bootup through a presentation at the chemical engineering department by bootup’s founder, Ariana Thacker.

Through bootup’s mentorship service, I was paired with AJ Ezzour. AJ offered me the chance to intern at AllOfUs Cosmetics, a start-up that he co-founded, which is creating an automatized process for color matching foundation. My projects include product development and hardware design.

I really enjoy learning about the different ways chemical engineering affects people’s everyday lives. This internship aligns with my future goals to work for a company in consumer goods and with a strong community presence.”

Chandni Patel

UCLA Chemical Engineering Student | Intern at AllOfUs Cosmetics



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